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As contractor we offer customary qualities and measurements as well as products from ranges listed below.

Our sorted product range offers:

Flat products

We offer steel products as coils, sheets, formats and tailoring from 0.5 up to 25mm thickness, a width of up to 2.10m and a max length of up to 24 meters, depending on quality and thickness. Surface works as pickled, oiled, unoiled, streamed or primered we offer too.

Also possible hot-rolled:

  • DD11 to DD14
  • S235 + AR / +N / +C
  • S235JR Tears
  • S355MC to S700MC
  • S355J2 / +N / +C


  • DC01 to DC06
  • HC260LA to HC420LA


  • DX51D to DX56D hot-galvanized
  • S220GD to S550GD hot dip galvanized
  • DC01+ZE to DC06+ZE zinc-electroplated

Special qualities are made at request.

Stainless steel

We offer among others the most common stainless steel qualities, measurements and styles for following products:

  • Seamless tubes
  • Welded tubes
  • Hollow steel
  • Blank steel
  • Flat steel
  • Square section steel
  • Angle
  • Round steel


We offer Laserparts, metal blanks, tube laserparts made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Laserparts made of steel are offered up to a thickness of 30mm and aluminium up to a thickness of 15mm. The measurements of the laserparts could be 4m x 2m.

Tube lasering is versatile and accurate. Shorter production time and better products are timesaving and lowering the costs.

Technical details:

  • Length of workpiece up to 15 m
  • Round tubes up to Ø 305 mm
  • Profiles up to 250 x 250 mm (open profiles too)
  • Workpiece weight up to 1.080 kg
  • Automatic load- and unload-station to minimize the set-up-time for production

Additionally we offer a thread cutting service to prepare our material profiles as there are tubes, profile steels as C-/L-/H- and I-carriers.

Advantages of concurrent thread cutting:

  • Highest precision
  • Speed
  • Threads as M2,5 to M10 are possible
  • Reducing the costs by eliminating additionally processes